Paris Creek Beef

Paris Creek Beef is naturally 100% grass-fed yearling beef direct from the farmer to your kitchen.

We are dedicated to supplying natural premium quality 100% grass-fed yearling beef which means that your beef was raised eating what it was designed to eat…. grass! We pride ourselves on this and on the fact that our meat is higher in nutritional value, naturally more tender and significantly lower in fat. We guarantee that our cattle have never been given antibiotics, growth hormones or genetically modified feed and our caring approach to the sustainability of the land and the welfare of our animals produces beef that is healthy and wholesome.

Our meat is only processed, by a licensed accredited butcher once we receive your order as this guarantees fresh produce direct to you. Our meat is then dry aged for between 15-20 days and cut to your specifications. No substances are added to your meat to increase the weight or alter the colour.

  • Markets: Domestic

As we are fresh and sell in bulk to reduce the cost to you, we won’t be selling at the local market, a bit heavy carrying a whole side of beef around, but online instead. This is our way of bringing our 100% naturally grass-fed beef fresh to your home.


    Our meat comes tray packed and labelled so that you can grab it from the freezer and cook up your favourite recipe.

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