31 Hindmarsh Avenue, WELLAND, SA 5007

Olga’s Fine Foods

A family recipe started the production of beef chevapchichi's by Olga's Fine Foods in 1978. We now produce a range of products for sale in all major supermarket chains in SA and around Australia.

Olga’s is a family owned, South Australian meat manufacturing company with over 30 years of experience in producing authentic, high quality meat products to be enjoyed at home. We currently supply our products to major supermarket chains, food distributors and retail shops in most states throughout Australia.

Starting with our hugely popular Beef Chevapchichi’s in 1978, we have since expanded our product line to include sausages, burgers and patties and crumbed lines including schnitzels.

  • Markets: Domestic

We supply all the major retailers as well as a number of food service companies predominantly in South Australia as well as other states throughout Australia.


    We provide our products either as bulk items (fresh or frozen) or as retail ready trays to go straight on to your shop shelf.

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