50 Barnett Avenue, GLYNDE, SA 5070

Moo Premium Foods

We are passionate about creating premium quality products. Our thick and creamy yoghurts and dairy desserts are made using the finest ingredients, including fresh milk sourced from local dairy farms.

For MOO Founders Mick and Sally Sanders, the idea to create a brand of premium yoghurt came following a trip to France. They had discovered little glass jars of premium quality yoghurt and, noticing a gap in the Australian market, decided to recreate this style of product back home. Nowadays MOO is one of the country’s most trusted and genuine dairy producers.

MOO Premium Yoghurt is carefully crafted with the finest ingredients and filled with the natural goodness of fresh Australian milk, with gourmet flavour profiles.
MOO Greek Style Yoghurt contains no added sugar or sweeteners and is made with only two ingredients; fresh milk and culture.
MOO Rice Pudding is a rich and creamy ready-to-eat dessert, made using Australian rice.

  • Markets: Domestic

Starting in Adelaide in 2005, MOO has grown rapidly and now supplies to major supermarkets and independent retailers across Australia. Growth plans include export and global supply.


    MOO Premium Yoghurt is available in both 720g tubs and convenient 160g tubs. Our plain, Creamy Smooth Premium Yoghurt is also available in 10kg buckets, great for food service and hospitality.
    MOO Greek Style Yoghurt is available in 720g tubs, and Rice Pudding in 160g tubs for the perfect snack size.

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