Australia’s leading producer of probiotic beverages, MOJO create award-winning organic sparkling drinks with real health benefits.

At MOJO, we are committed to providing the best range of sparkling probiotic beverages possible. We create our MOJO in small batches, with the best ingredients that we can source, to deliver a premium health-focused product. It is a hands-on approach to ensure MOJO are the most probiotic-brimming beverages in Australia.

MOJO Classic Kombucha is a living functional beverage packed with active enzymes, organic acids, B-vitamins and proven probiotics. The MOJO Crafted Kombucha range was developed for folk into the health benefits of kombucha but not the funky fermented flavour. MOJO Tonic is a range of low sugar, probiotic refreshers that are a nourishing, all-natural alternative to soft drinks.

  • Markets: ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA, Export


  • Processing capabilities: Bottling

MOJO beverages are traditionally fermented using an organic tea blend to which we add our symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, which transforms the drink into a naturally sparkling, probiotic-rich beverage. Bottled on site, all MOJO products are stored and supplied in chilled conditions to keep them at their best.

  • Packaging capabilities: Bottle
  • Bespoke flint glass bottles in 330ml, 450ml and 750ml sizes.

  • Storage: Chilled

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