Shop 3,, 16-18 Hamilton Terrace, NEWTON, SA 5074

La Vera Fine Cheese

A small family business, La Vera has been operating in South Australia by the Marmorale family since 1984.

At La Vera, we have firm belief that mass produced cheeses lack the charm, delicacy and appeal of a hand-made specialty cheese. Interest in price, shelf life and uniformity of flavour are the very opposite of genuine fine cheeses made in small quantities by skilled producers. Artisan producers such as Pino, who recognise that cheeses thrive on care & consideration, looks after & matures his cheeses so that consumers can enjoy them at their best.

Initially introducing a range of Italian style cheeses such as fresh ricotta, bocconcini, mascarpone and fresh pecorino, Pino wanted to expand his range with delicacies such as surface ripened cheeses, roquefort style cheeses and hard cheeses in producing what are now our award winning delightful specialties.

  • Markets: Domestic

We supply Foodland and IGA stores in South Australia and a range of Gourmet and Continental shops. La Vera products are available nationally with distributors in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. As well as from our own Bottega a brand new retail shop situated next door to the factory stocking an extensive range of continental items.


    Our range is packaged in plastic tubs coming in a range of sizes and shrink wrap bags with varied weights.

  • Storage: Chilled

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