6 Proper Bay Road, PORT LINCOLN, SA 5606

Kinkawooka Shellfish

Kinkawooka Shellfish grow and harvest premium mussels to the highest standards of environmental sustainability and culinary quality. We produce live and cooked mussels for food service and retail.

A family owned company established in Port Lincoln in 1976 quickly earning a reputation as a leader for product quality in aquaculture. Our commitment to adding value for customers has led to developing a product range which delivers consistency and quality in ‘ready to cook’ and ‘ready to eat’ form. Certifications: Friend of the Sea Sustainable Seafood, NASAA Certified Organic and HALAL.

Our growing environment and professional farm management practices produce premium mussels, characterised by a sweet flavour and soft, rich texture. Premium grade blue mussels grown under HACCP quality assurance programs, striving for a good clean shell with consistent growth. Our mussels are available all year round (seasonal French Style petit bouchot grade available June to September).

  • Markets: NSW, NT, QLD, SA, WA, Export

Kinkawooka Mussels brand available in NSW, NT, QLD, WA and SA. Kinkawooka Mussels meets stringent international export standards and currently export to the Middle East, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

  • Processing capabilities: Retort, Seafood processing, Vacuum chilling

The Kinkawooka Mussels processing facility uses the latest cleaning, grading and packing technology to ensure the mussels are kept in the best possible condition from when they are harvested.

  • Packaging capabilities: Aseptic, Bag or pouch, Modified atmosphere or vacuum
  • Live Pot Ready Mussels packed in a mix of their natural liquor and sea water in 1kg or 2kg vacuum packs, and 4 kg commodity pack to suit a range of retail and food service applications (10 day shelf life). Cooked in Bag Mussels are cooked in natural spring water and packaged in 650g vacuum pack (10 month shelf life) or boxed with tomato sauce sachet.

  • Storage: Chilled, Live

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