Pound Road, MACCLESFIELD, SA 5153

Kangaroo Island Pure Grain

Kangaroo Island Pure Grain is all about delivering naturally farmed pure grain, monitored from paddock to plate, to guarantee its goodness.

Kangaroo Island Pure Grain’s mission is to provide optimum returns to KI grain growers by encouraging long term supply arrangements with premium domestic and international buyers. Established in 2009, the company operates two facilities on the island, with a capacity of receiving, storing and classifying over 56,000m/t of grain, grown over approximately 35,000 hectares of land.

With its moderate rainfall and mild climate, the island’s farming conditions are ideal and Kangaroo Island Pure Grain is consequently able to offer a wide variety of grain crops (including premium wheat, milling oats, malting and feeding barley), oilseeds (Non GMO Canola) and pulses (broad beans, faba beans, red lentils & chick peas), as well as linseed, safflower and organic honey in their range.

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

Kangaroo Island Pure Grain sells to domestic and key export markets, including Asia and Japan.


    Kangaroo Island Pure Grain products are transported in their contracted trucks to their contracted storage facilities in Adelaide. From there, human food consumption containers, approved by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service, are used to deliver products to domestic and international markets.

  • Storage: Ambient

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