137 Greenock Road, GREENOCK, SA 5360

Jersey Fresh

Jersey Fresh produces quality farm fresh milk sourced from our Carcoola Jersey herd, located on the ranges of the Barossa Valley. Our aim is to provide fresh milk and cream just as nature intended.

Jersey Fresh is owned and operated by the Kernich family, we also own the 200 Jersey cows that make up Carcoola Jerseys. We are passionate about Jersey cows, quality dairy products and the future of the Australian dairy industry. The breed is well known for producing sweet, creamy milk and they are small in stature with a docile nature. Every cow has a name, and is registered with the Australian Jersey Herd.

Full cream milk in 2 litre and 1 litre with 250ml and 10 litre available by order; reduced fat milk in 2 litre and 1 litre with 10 litre available by order, pure cream in 300ml, pouring cream in 1 litre and 300ml.

  • Markets: SA only

Jersey Fresh delivers to businesses and supermarkets in the Barossa Valley, with a weekly run to Adelaide and the Northern suburbs, as well as a run through the lower Mid-North.

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