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Incognito Cold Brew

Incognito Cold Brew is a coffee concentrate made using direct-trade, specialty coffee by local roasters Dawn Patrol. This distinctive brew delivers clean energy and has a wide range of applications.

Incognito Espresso was established back in 2016 as a mobile coffee cart business. After initially experimenting with cold brew coffee, we identified the growing need for a versatile coffee concentrate to meet the needs of the food service industry. The resounding positive feedback received from our customers inspired confidence to take this venture further and therefore Incognito Cold Brew was born.

Incognito Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, 500mL.
Incognito Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, 100mL.

  • Markets: SA

We have just launched and are currently seeking expressions of interests for stockists/retailers.

  • Processing capabilities: Bottling, Container filling

Our specialty coffee is coarsely ground then steeped in purified water for 24 hours. It’s then triple filtered, bottled, capped and refrigerated immediately to retain optimal freshness.

  • Packaging capabilities: Bottle, Box, Labelling, Recyclable, Tamper proof
  • Our products come in two sizes, 500mL and 100mL. We use recyclable glass bottles for purity of taste.

  • Storage: Chilled

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