81-83 Flinders Drive, CAPE JERVIS, SA 5204

Hot Dog Fisheries

Hot Dog Fisheries has a strong reputation for quality with more than 30 years in the abalone industry and managing the whole process from harvesting to finished product.

Managing its processing operations from the mainland base of Cape Jervis, they are located within easy access to the main fishing grounds and export shipping services. Abalone is hand picked by divers, brought to the surface, shucked, washed and taken ashore for processing.

Hot Dog Fisheries abalone is marketed under the brand, Southern Cape, their Greenlip and IQF Blacklip abalone are in great demand and handpicked by divers from the cool clear waters off the South Australian coastline. These cold unpolluted growing conditions, naturally flushed by strong tidal currents, are perfect for helping the product develop its firm fleshy consistency and superb taste.

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

Hot Dog Fisheries superb products are enjoyed throughout the luxury hotels and restaurants of Asia with exports to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam under the brand Southern Cape.


    Southern Cape products includes canned Greenlip and Blacklip abalone, IQF Greenlip and Blacklip abalone, (which is transported in insulated polystyrene boxes with dry ice to maintain a temperature of -18 degrees C or below) heat sterilised pouches and abalone shell.

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