266 Blockers Road, MYPONGA, SA 5202

Gut Feeling Fermentation

Our mission at Gut Feeling is to work with passionate, ethical farmers to create delicious ferments that improve digestive health, and to educate on food provenance and the wonderful art of fermentation.

Gut Feeling Fermentation is a family run business that specialises in creating delicious probiotic rich food for South Australian consumers. We employ traditional methods to transform local produce into premium functional food. We farm most of the vegetables we use in our ferments. Founder of Gut Feeling, Sam Whitehead also hosts educational workshops on the basics of fermentation.

Gut Feeling offer three main products that are available year round from our market stalls and valued stockists. Our “Captain Cabbage and the Wild Ferments” range includes a Kimchi, Apple and Dill, and a Ginger and Turmeric Sauerkraut. All variations are available in a 600g pack size. At the two farmers markets we offer seasonal ferments including: Kombucha, Dill Pickles, and Chilli Beans.

  • Markets: SA only

Gut Feeling products are sold from the Wayville and Willunga farmers markets and stocked by over 35 loyal retailers throughout South Australia.

  • Processing capabilities: Cold fill and processing, Vegetable processing

Raw materials are harvested or purchased, cleaned and processing in our commercial kitchen. They are then left to ferment at a stable temperature in a purpose-built room. After they are fully fermented, the products are then jarred , labelled and stored in a cool room awaiting sale/distribution.

  • Packaging capabilities: Hand packed, Jar, Recyclable
  • 600gm glass jars.

  • Storage: Chilled

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