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Greenwheat Freekeh

An ancient food for today's vibrant and healthy lifestyle. Healthy, nutritious and easy to prepare.

After years of research Greenwheat Freekeh has become the world’s first and only company to develop technology to harvest soft green grains and produce freekeh, using a proprietary, fully automated, modern process. Our company’s unique innovation has been recognised by numerous awards for value adding, innovation and entrepreneurship. Our products are available in Australia for co-branding with others. At present we co-brand with San Remo (couscous and freekeh) and with Popina Foods (owner of the Goodness Superfoods brand) through which is available in all supermarkets in Australia.

Freekeh is a delicious, highly nutritious young grain made from roasted green grains – the veal of the grain world. It is free from any chemicals or GMO and because the grains are harvested while still young, freekeh contains more protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre and resistance starch than the same grain at maturity, or any other grains on in the market today. It is low GI, low carb, high in fibre (up to ten times the fibre content of brown rice) and rich in prebiotic properties. Today, freekeh is emerging at the top of the superfoods pyramid all over the world.

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

The Greenwheat Freekeh product range is available world wide through our distributors and any new interested distributors. At present we export to USA, Canada, UK, Brazil and Malaysia. We are seeking additional distributors in the USA, Canada and UK, and seeking new distributors in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Consumers can purchase our products from our online shop using our secure form.


    Our range of Greenwheat Freekeh products are available in retail boxes or bulk bags. We package products under a co-branding arrangement with San Remo (couscous and freekeh) and with Popina Foods (Goodness Superfoods) in Australia. In the USA we co-brand with Indian Harvest, Freekalicious, and Nature’s Earthly Choice, and in Canada we co-brand with Eco Ideas. In the UK with Artisan Grains.

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