Lot 50 Hill Street, PORT ELLIOT, SA 5212

Goolwa PipiCo

Goolwa PipiCo is a MSC approved fishery that sells premium grade Pipis (Donax deltoides) to the world. The pipis are wild-caught using traditional manual harvesting methods.

The Goolwa cockle or pipi is harvested from a beach so remote that it is only accessible by boat or four-wheel drive vehicle. The water is sparkling clear because of the rolling surf that constantly churns the beach and the fact that there is no human habitation within miles of the harvesting area.

Goolwa Pipico collect pipis in rakes on outgoing waves and provide the following product. Fresh pipis able to be air freighted anywhere in the world 12 months of the year. Frozen pipis are also available all year round to suit customer specific requirements. The company also sells a Modified Atmosphere product with a 10 day shelf life. In addition to this, a ‘cooked in bag’ product is the final stages of development. We are expecting it to have a six month shelf life. The pipis are available in three sizes. Small (36 to 41mm) / Medium (42 to 47mm) / Large (48 to 53mm).

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

Goolwa PipiCo is an export approved establishment.

  • Processing capabilities: Blast chilling/freezing, Cooking, Retort, Seafood processing, Smoking and curing, Vacuum chilling
  • Packaging capabilities: Box, Labelling, Recyclable, Thermoform, Tray or skin
  • Size: 35mm to 55mm. Cockle meat to weight ratios are approx 30%. Modified Atmosphere Packaging extends shelf life of live product to ten days.

  • Storage: Chilled, Fresh, Frozen, Live

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