87 Glynburn Road, GLYNDE, SA 5070

Gelato Bello

If it's not Gelato Bello, simply, it's not Bello.

Gelato Bello was conceived when its original owner, Tony Albuino, returned home to Sicily. He was impressed by the quality and taste of the local gelati and decided to bring the unique flavour and texture to Australia. Using family recipes, Tony was able to create a creamy, unique base that, once combined with fresh fruit and quality Italian ingredients and flavours, reflected the gelati he had experienced in Sicily.

Making our Authentic Italian Ice Cream on-site we prepare it daily using fresh local ingredients. Our range of flavours are;
Gelato (Baci, banana, boysenberry, cassata, cherry ripe, chocolate, dark chocolate, coconut, coffee, vanilla bean, choc mint, hazelnut, honeycomb, Bailey’s scorched almond, mango, nutella, passionfruit yoghurt, pistachio, roasted almond, rum and raisin, strawberry, tiramisu, torrone, vanilla choc Ccip, white chocolate and aabaione). Our sorbettos include; blood orange, green apple, lemon, lemon ‘n’ lime, watermelon, mango and mixed berry.

  • Markets: Domestic

Gelato Bello retail from their Glynde store as well as wholesale to many cafes and restaurants throughout Adelaide and country SA. A list can be viewed on the website.


    Our full range of products are available from our Glynde retail shop in cones, cups or take-home tubs of 500ml, 1, 2 and 5 litres. Gelato cakes are also available from the Glynde retail outlet. All flavours are available for wholesale supply in 5 litre tubs. We also have a range of 500ml tubs sold through supermarkets, convenience stores and take-home takeaway such as pizza.

  • Storage: Frozen

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