Hogbay Road, KINGSCOTE, SA 5223

Fryar’s Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs

The unspoiled fresh pastures of Kangaroo Island are home to Fryar's Free Range Poultry Farm and the thousands of happy hens who live there and roam freely, just as nature intended.

Tom and Fiona Fryer run 50,000 hens on their 4,000 acre farm. This equates to 750 hens per hectare, or one hen to every 13 square metres of space. Mobile sheds provide nesting and roosting shelter and are regularly moved to give hens continuous access to fresh pasture. Operating for over 20 years, their unique business is externally audited by Humane Choice to guarantee their free range promise.

Eggs are a great source of protein, vitamins and antioxidants. And thanks to Tom and Fiona’s hens having free range of their Kangaroo Island property, Fryar’s Eggs, with their distinct wholesome flavour, are no exception. Approximately 12,000 dozen eggs are laid, cleaned, graded and packed each week, before being distributed across the island or shipped to mainland sales outlets.

  • Markets: Domestic

Fryar’s Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs are available from Drakes Foodland, KI Experience Food Distributors and selected retail stockists in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.


    Fryar’s Eggs come in an assortment of sizes and carton quantities to meet their catering and retail customers’ needs. These range from 800g Jumbo eggs down to 500g Medium eggs for retail traders, as well as catering packs which can hold up to 15 dozen free range eggs in Giant, Jumbo, X-Large and Large sizes for the food service industry.

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