325 Rowley Road, MYPONGA, SA 5202

Fleurieu Milk Company

The Fleurieu Milk Company deliver farm fresh products with that old fashioned taste direct from the cow to you. Pasteurised on farm to retain its superior quality and flavour. All Fleurieu Milk Company products are produced, processed and packaged on our farm.

Disappointed with increasing farming cost and the declining farm gate price for milk, Myponga dairy farmers, Barry and Merridie Clarke, Geoff and Louise Hutchinson and Chris and Karen Royans decided to produce and manufacture their own the way it used to be. With the first bottle of milk being produced in June 2006 and the Fleurieu Milk Company is now in approximately 600 outlets including many small local and privately owned supermarkets and larger suburban Foodland and IGA’s throughout the state.

Fresh from the farms at Myponga, the Jersey cows that produce the Jersey Premium Range are regularly tested for the A2 gene so this milk is believed to be more suitable for people who have a tendency to be lactose intolerant and linked in studies to lower rates of coronary disease and childhood diabetes. The Holstein Friesian cows supply milk for the Farm Fresh Range. Products including homogenized, un-homogenized and low fat milks, pouring cream, flavoured milks including iced coffee, chocolate and strawberry are amongst our milk range. Yoghurts in five delicious flavours of honey, mango, passionfruit, mixed berry and natural, are guaranteed not to disappoint.

  • Markets: Domestic

Our products are proudly distributed to over 600 locations throughout Metropolitan and Regional SA and selected locations in NT, NSW and ACT.


    White Milk Products – 2Ltr and 1 Ltr containers. Flavoured Milks – 2Ltr, 500ml (300ml for Chocolate and Strawberry Milk and Farm Fresh Homogenized. Pouring Cream 10Ltr, 2Ltr, 1Ltr and 300ml. Yoghurts Honey and Natural in 10kg, 5kg, 2kg, 500g, 250g and 100g tubs plus Mango, Passionfruit and Mixed Berry yoghurts in 5kg, 2kg, 500g, 250g and 100g tubs.

  • Storage: Chilled

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