Ferguson Australia

Ferguson Australia is a seafood company operating along the coastline of South Australia. Ferguson Australia supplies Australian fish and lobster to the retail markets worldwide.

Ferguson Australia is a completely integrated family business, with an extensive fishing history. We have our own fishing vessels, processing depots and export facilities in South Australia, and international offices. Ferguson Australia buys directly from over 100+ fishermen in regional areas across Australia.

The range includes iconic Australian fish: commercial scallop meat with roe, Southern Garfish fillets, King George Whiting fillets, Flake fillets, Flathead fillets, Bight Redfish fillets, Ocean Jacket fillets and Coorong Mullet fillets. Live and cooked Southern Rock Lobster. Lobster Infused Olive Oil.

  • Markets: Domestic, Online sales, Export

Our export facilities have HACCP and export accreditation. Ferguson Australia currently sells to the Australian market and international retail and food service markets.

  • Processing capabilities: Freezing

Our convenient 200gm frozen fish range are all Australian species, 100% wild caught, Friend of the Sea accredited as sustainable. With depots all over South Australia, fish are unloaded, hand filleted, deboned and frozen immediately on the day of catch.

  • Packaging capabilities: Bag or pouch, Bottle
  • Frozen 200gm fish per pack. Shelf stable 100ml and 250ml Lobster Infused Olive Oil.
    Whole cooked or live Southern Rock Lobster.

  • Storage: Chilled, Frozen, Live

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