Earth Eggs

Earth Eggs is a small family business, based at Keith, using an extraordinary and sustainable egg production system.

The Hood family are passionate farmers, they began producing eggs for the many benefits that it would bring their land, community and customer. The chookens support their “regenerative” farming approach, living nomadically in sparse paddocks. The eggs that they lay support the family’s values and vision being local employment, sustainability, community, honesty, education, health and generosity.

Our birds live in paddocks – 14 ‘chookens’ per hectare – where they can express their natural instincts like scratching, digging and dust bathing. They feed on insects and pastures, and are rotated weekly over fresh soils and pastures. The chicken manure enriches the soil rather than poisoning it – the plants feed the animals and the animals feed the plants. It’s a natural and sustainable cycle.

  • Markets: SA, VIC

Supermarkets, fruit and vegetable shops, catering, cafes and restaurants. All stockists are available on our website.

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