PO Box 542, TWO WELLS, SA 5501

Days Eggs

Days Eggs produce fresh eggs in South Australia with multiple farms across the state. We are the only company in South Australia with state of the art pre-enriched cage housing for optimum hen welfare.

Days Eggs began as a family owned business in the 1980s. We now have a dedicated team of over 90 employees with free range farms in the Adelaide Plains, McLaren Vale, Flinders Ranges and Roseworthy. As the states’ largest egg producer, we provide premium quality cage, free range and barn eggs to our customers, developing world’s best practice in the farming, grading and distribution of fresh eggs into local markets.

Country Fresh Free Range Eggs, McLaren Vale Free Range Eggs, Adelaide Plains Barnlaid Eggs, South Aussie Free Range Eggs, Fresh Aussie Cage Eggs, South Australia Regional Free Range Eggs, Winter Garden Barnlaid Eggs, Flinders Ranges 30 cage egg Family Budget Pack, Adelaide Plains 30 barnlaid egg Family Budget Pack.

  • Markets: NT, SA

Days Eggs supply to wholesale markets, food service markets, independent retail markets, butchers, greengrocers, hotels and hospitals.

  • Packaging capabilities: Recyclable
  • All eggs are available in cases of 30 x 6 packs, 15 x 12 packs, 12 x 15 packs, 9 x 18 packs, and 6 x 30 packs.

  • Storage: Chilled

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