461 South Road, REGENCY PARK, SA 5010

Coopers Brewery

Hand-crafted ales and stouts have remained a family tradition and today Coopers Brewery is the only wholly owned and operated family brewery of stature in Australia.

Today, more than 150 years following its inception, Coopers Brewery is Australia’s sole remaining family-owned brewery of stature, and although much has changed since brewing in wooden barrels in Thomas Cooper’s day, the family name remains synonymous with exceptional quality beers. Coopers Ales and Stout are lauded the world over for consistent, traditional quality, unaffected by the hand of progress. Despite many changes, successive Coopers have never lost sight of Thomas Cooper’s vision of providing value and quality in the form of a healthy beer for an appreciative public.

The company’s success is based on solid skills and a tradition based on time honoured techniques, the best natural ingredients and an ale yeast unique to Coopers cultivated by their family for over a century. No preservatives or chemicals are added to Coopers Ales – a philosophy which extends into other naturally prepared product ranges which include DIY Beer and malt extract.

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

Coopers products are exported to over 20 countries and all have been manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia. Export sales of DIY Beer have grown so dramatically that Coopers are now the world’s largest manufacturer with exports accounting for approximately 50% of the company’s sales of DIY Beer.


    Coopers has updated its bottle, introducing a taller, more contemporary shape, while retaining the 375ml capacity. Slimmer bottles allow for a further 8 cartons to fit on a pallet, reducing the overall pallet height, meeting new warehousing requirements around the country.

  • Storage: Ambient

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