PO Box 745, WAIKERIE, SA 5330

Casarosa Almonds

Casarosa Almonds Australia is a family owned business dedicated to producing, marketing, selling and distributing premium quality Australian farm fresh almonds.

We grow both organic and pesticide-free almonds on our family farms. Our almonds are consistent in appearance, taste and quality, which has proven to be an important point of difference for our customers. Owned and operated by the Casaretto family, Casarosa Amonds are passionate about using sustainable farming practices to produce and sell quality Australian almonds.

Casarosa Almonds Australia produce the four most popular varieties of almonds. These are Nonpareil, Carmel and Price which are soft shell almonds, and Peerless which is a hard-shell variety. Our farms also have new plantings of the Monetary variety.

  • Markets: NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA, Export
  • Processing capabilities: Free from, Hand packing

Hull and shell removed or hull only for in-shell product and inspected to ensure they are whole, clean and well-dried. We hand sort and select at a slower rate to ensure the highest quality is achieved, and package in our on-site facility.

  • Packaging capabilities: Box
  • Supplied in conventional cartons, bagged or in bulk. We are happy to discuss specific packaging needs – if it doesn’t already exist we will work with you closely to find a solution that meets your needs.

  • Storage: Ambient

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