Bully’s Meats

From the farm fresh to your door, if we don't have the meat you like ask us for it...

We are second generation primary producers and specialise in black Angus cattle & white dorper sheep for human consumption. We humanely raise excellent grass/pasture fed beef and lamb in the Upper South East of South Australia on our 5000 acre property, Caloundra Station. Our cattle and sheep are free to roam in the pastures, we do not use any hormone growth promotants and we are members of the Australian Angus Society. We are an LPA/NVD accredited farm and our stock is easily tracked by our NLIS tags for our cattle and our sheep.

We currently supply grassfed Angus beef and grassfed lamb, both whole, half, quartered (beef only) or spit ready. Tell us how you want your meat packaged and we’ll prepare it and deliver it to you.

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

We will deliver to most places. Use the contact form on our website to ask any questions or call Robyn on 0408 542 057.


    We will package the meat to order by customer request.

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