30B Cedar Avenue, BRIGHTON, SA 5048

BRZ Food

BRZ is a manufacturer of Brazilian style sausages as well as a range of spices.

Founded in 2016, BRZ started making sausages to supply the Brazilian community in South Australia. Demand for our products has grown and we now also supply a variety of spices and seasonings, ideal for all types of meats and other dishes – never forgetting our South American heritage.

Brazilian pork sausages: Toscana, Calabresa, (smoked sausage), Spicy Calabresa, (smoked, chilli kick). Brazilian Spices: Gringo, garlic, onion and fine herbs. Mexicana, twist of cocoa gives pork chops and ribs a richer flavour profile, with a slight kick of heat from chillies and cayenne peppers. Rock N’ Roast, unique blend of fine herbs and rock salt, for all types of meats and fish.

  • Markets: SA only

Products currently only available in South Australia however opportunities are being assessed in Queensland, NSW and Western Australia.

  • Packaging capabilities: Jar, Modified atmosphere or vacuum
  • Toscana sausage 1kg, Calabresa sausage 500gm, Spicy Calabresa sausage 500gm. Gringo spice 100gm, Mexicana spice 200gm, Rock N Roast 350gm.

  • Storage: Ambient, Chilled

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