1 Secker Road, MOUNT BARKER, SA 5251

Barker Boy Fresh

Fresh food produced by professionals for professionals, with a strong focus on business to business, customer service, and Quality.

Barker Boy has been operating in the processed food industry since 1986 and enjoys a dominant market share in South Australia. Its product base is high quality, which differentiates it from most of its competitors. In a market which is demanding high quality, and service, this has resulted in rapid growth of Barker Boy’s business. Barker Boy Food Processors are one of South Australia’s largest quality processors, wholesaling a range of fresh cut and processed fruit and vegetables to the manufacturing and Food Service industries.

Our ability to peel, cut, wash and pack large amounts of Fruits and Vegetables for our customers busy production schedules make Barker Boy Fresh the leader in its field. We have three sections to our range of fresh products; freshly prepared vegetables, fresh salads and whole vegetables.

  • Markets: Domestic

We are supplying bakeries, clubs, caterers, hotels, hospitality industries, manufacturers and restaurants with daily deliveries of whole and freshly prepared produce. We wholesale produce to providores and manufacturers Interstate. Export enquiries welcome.

  • Processing capabilities: Blast chilling/freezing, Cold fill and processing, High care and specialty, Vegetable processing
  • Packaging capabilities: Bag or pouch, Box, Labelling
  • Packed to customer specifications, products feature a vast array of process styles, including whole , Julienned, turned, sliced and diced.

  • Storage: Chilled, Fresh

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