Almonious are makers of alternative iced coffee blends. We strive to create nutritious, wholesome drinks that are unique and delicious.

Almonious started when we couldn’t find many alternatives to dairy iced coffees in the market. We did our research and discovered our first blend; generously loaded with almonds and macadamias and naturally sweetened with dates over locally sourced coffee. The aim with Almonious is to create harmonious blends of iced coffee alternatives that are natural, nutritious and plant-based. Based in Gawler.

Almond, Macadamia and Date milk iced coffee – 350ml.

  • Markets: SA only

Local markets

  • Processing capabilities: Blending

Our current product is made with macadamia and almond milk, sweetened with dates, over a double shot of espresso. The milk is made by blending all the three products together and then separating the milk from the pulp. The product is then finalised by pouring 270ml of the milk over 60ml of espresso.

  • Packaging capabilities: Bottle, Recyclable, Single serve
  • 330ml glass bottle with screw cap

  • Storage: Chilled

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