Almondco Australia

Almondco is one of Australia's largest almond processing, packaging and marketing groups.

Combining over 60 years experience and one of the most modern almond processing facilities in the world, Almondco is well positioned to embrace the industry’s future opportunities and challenges as national almond output is forecast to double over the next three years to 2015.

Almondco provides a full range of almonds in natural form across a range of international sizes. Varieties include Non Pareil, Carmel, Price and blanched. Our premium products are highly sought after for a myriad of uses, natural whole, or cut, blanched whole or cut, as well as dry roast and flavoured. Cuts include plits, slivered, sliced, meal and diced.

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

Almondco has well established export markets in the United Kingdom, Western Europe, India, Japan, Middle East and New Zealand. Almondco is developing markets as supply permits in South East Asia, Eastern Europe and China.

  • Processing capabilities: Dry fill and blending, Hand packing
  • Packaging capabilities: Hand packed
  • Natural, blanched and bagged products are available in domestic and export cartons ranging in sizes from 9kg to 800kg. All product is packed in Polypropylene Liners.

  • Storage: Ambient

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