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Almond Board of Australia

The Almond Board of Australia (ABA) is a non-profit, membership based organisation representing the interest of Australian almond growers, processors and marketers.

The ABA is the peak industry body for the Australian almond industry representing over 95% of Australia’s almond base production and helping to facilitate growth, maximise profitability and ensure sustainability.

Australian Nonpareil makes up 50% of Australia’s almond crop, followed by Australian Carmel at 31%, Australian Price at 11% and other varieties 7%. Globally, Australian almonds are considered to be of the highest quality and are free of many pests and diseases that impact production levels in other countries.

    The ABA provides a platform for industry members to collectively respond to industry wide issues, invest in research and marketing, share knowledge and interact with government and other stakeholders.


      Australian almonds are graded as: fancy, extra supreme, supreme and manufacturing. Whole natural almonds can be stored for two years with no significant loss in quality, if under cold storage conditions.

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